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Cheers Bloody Mary Mix Bold & Spicy - (Two "2" Pack Of 33.8 Oz. Bottles)

Cheers Bloody Mary Mix Bold & Spicy - (Two "2" Pack Of 33.8 Oz. Bottles)

Cheers Bloody Mary Mix Bold & Spicy -
"Where everybody knows your name! The Cheers TV series premiered on September 30, 1982. The show was a fabulous success, running for eleven seasons, putting 275 episodes in the can and receiving more Emmy nominations than any other TV show in history. The setting of the show was based on a neighborhood pub in Boston known as the Bull & Finch Pub. Established in 1969, the Bull & Finch was the quintessential neighborhood pub, serving the Beacon Hill area. Early on in the development of the pub, Thomas A. Kershaw, the owner, developed a superb recipe for a Bloody Mary. This special formulation has won 'Best Of' awards over a 30-year period from Boston Magazine, Boston Herald, Boston Globe, the New England Professional Bartenders School and the Cincinnati Enquirer. Since the Bull & Finch Pub and the Cheers show are so well connected, the award-winning Bull & Finch recipe has been used to create this Cheers Bloody Mary Mix."For a very tasty non-alcoholic drink, simply pour over ice; add a squeeze of lime and garnish with a stick of celery. For the very best Bloody Mary, add a jigger of vodka or gin to the above recipe. It also can be used in cooking to provide an excellent 'red' sauce. Enjoy and be sure to raise your glass and say 'Cheers'.

Gluten Free

From: Boston

Ingredients: Tomato paste, horseradish, salt, Hot Sauce, clam broth, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, celery seed, Black Pepper & Cayenne Pepper. Contains: Clam Broth and Anchovies