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Get Wasted - (4 Pack Gift Set)

Get Wasted - (4 Pack Gift Set)

Get Wasted - 4 Pack Gift Box includes: Arrogant Double Bastard Double Burn Habañero Hot Sauce, Wild Turkey Habañero Hot Sauce, Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Jalapeño Hot Sauce & Voodoo Chili Winter Angel Hot Sauce made with Samuel Adams Winter Lager Beer.

Arrogant Double Bastard Double Burn Habañero Hot Sauce
A sauce almost as big as the beer that's in it - ALMOST. Merciful beings that we are we chose to utilize none other than Habañeros to dilute it. If you're tasting this hot sauce as you read this you either love Habañeros or you just lost a bet. (Not yet personally familiar with Habañeros? No matter, it's a s-h-o-r-t learning curve). Double Bastard Ale Double Burn Habañero is a surprisingly well balanced hot sauce to those fire eaters who love Habañeros, and a singular pain to those who are unworthy. "Introduced in 1997, Arrogant Bastard Ale immediately developed a following among "those who know" (a.k.a. "the Worthy"). Arrogant Bastard Ale is an aggressive beer and not for the timid or weak. As such, it demands pairing with food that takes the same stance. So when our similarly (and appropriately) arrogant friends at Carlsbad Gourmet approached us to collaborate on a hot sauce recipe made with Arrogant Bastard, not only did we say yes - we said, "Let's make three!"
Ingredients: Double Bastard Ale, tomato paste, vinegar, honey, lemon juice, evaporated cane juice, salt, garlic powder, crushed red peppers, Capsicum, Habañero pepper powder, soybean oil. From California

Wild Turkey Habañero Hot Sauce
The famous name on this bottle comes from a group of wild turkey hunters, one of whom brought a special barrel-aged bourbon on their annual hunting trip. In later years they always requested "that Wild Turkey bourbon" and today it is still hand-crafted in the same slow traditional way. It also perfectly enhances this real Kentucky fiery Habañero sauce, which is made with the finest ingredients. 
Ingredients:  Cayenne peppers, Habañero peppers, Jalapeño peppers, vinegar, tomato paste, Wild Turkey Bourbon, sugar, salt, natural flavorings, garlic. From Kentucky

Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Jalapeño Hot Sauce
The folks of Lynchburg have really done it this time. Jalapeño and Jack is HOT! In their quest for the perfect hot sauce with a distinctive flavor to fire up their vittles, the old folks of Lynchburg realized a blend of hot peppers and local Tennessee whiskey was the answer. This delicious hot sauce is great on sandwiches, meats, seafood, pizza, omelets and in chili, soups and sauces. 
Ingredients: Red ripe Jalapeño peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, spices and Jack Daniel's Black Label Whiskey. From Tennessee

Voodoo Chili Winter Angel Hot Sauce made with Samuel Adams Winter Lager Beer
Made with Samuel Adams Winter Lager Beer - Voodoo's first collaboration with Boston Beer Company uses their delicious seasonal brew, Samuel Adams®’ Winter Lager, resulting in a smooth, medium heat sauce that brings forward the subtle background flavors of that beer: Orange, Ginger & Cinnamon. A quick whiff from the bottle presents the wonderfully pleasant aroma of this beer, fire roasted peppers, and Fatalii hot peppers, in addition to strong hints of orange, ginger and cinnamon. Flavor-wise … you’ll be hard pressed to find something even remotely similar in any other sauce. The sweetness and smoothness of the fire roasted Red peppers serves as a perfect carrier to deliver the main flavors of this sauce in a scrumptious blast just before the lingering, tolerable heat of the infamous Fatalii pepper kicks in. The heat level on this one is moderate; it is neither a “beginner’s” sauce nor a barn burner. Like anything from Voodoo Chile Sauces, it stands on its own as its own. They do not aim to craft things to showcase their “version” of an existing product … they take inspiration from an indescribable myriad of influences and obsessively adjust the recipe until we can smile and say, “Oh, wow, that’s it!” We start with a specific idea, and sometimes even a challenge for a finished product, and jump through the wormhole of creativity to finish it. This all around “Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner” sauce delivers on about any dish that you’d want to douse up with some sauce, but shines especially well on white meats, breakfast dishes with scrambled eggs, and with seafood.
Ingredients: Roasted Red Peppers, Samuel Adams Winter Lager, orange marmalade, Pepper mash, apple cider vinegar, raw cane sugar, Himalayan salt, lemon juice, onion powder, toasted garlic, coriander seed, ginger, Szechuan peppercorn, cumin, cinnamon, and spices. From Virginia