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Mr. & Mrs. T Original Bloody Mary Mix - (2 Pack)

Mr. & Mrs. T Original Bloody Mary Mix - (2 Pack)

Mr. & Mrs. T Original Bloody Mary Mix
This delicious, all-natural blend was developed at the world renowned Culinary Institute of America with feedback from industry experts. The result - the perfect blend of the finest, freshest ingredients - without the extra labor and waste associated with scratch preparation. Serve a consistently delicious Bloody Mary every time! Comes in the lightweight plastic bottle. A spicy history: Until 1960, there was no such thing as a Bloody Mary Mix. As you might imagine, the quality and taste of any particular Bloody Mary was unpredictable at best. Herb and June Taylor of Van Nuys, CA decided to do something about it. In 1960, the Mr & Mrs T Bloody Mary Mix was born. It didn't take long before the Mr & Mrs T full-bodied blend of 22 natural juice ingredients and spices was being served in bars and restaurants throughout Los Angeles. Consumer demand pulled the Taylors' delicious mixer through the channels of distribution. The brand has continued to grow and thrive, and is currently the top-selling brand of liquid cocktail mixers in the U.S. and a staple of bars, restaurants and American homes.

From: New York

Ingredients: Tomato concentrate, vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, sea salt, salt, spices, onion powder, lemon juice concentrate, paprika, sugar, garlic powder,natural flavors & molasses