Scotty O’Hotty Roasted Pepper Sauce 5 OZ.


Scotty O’Hotty Roasted Pepper Sauce 

Scotty O'Hotty Roasted Pepper Sauce - They call this sauce the Franks killer! This fire-roasted veggie sauce is a chef favorite combining mouth watering ingredients with just enough heat to spice up any dish! The robust flavor will give a Jalapeño level kick to any dish, soup, stew, seafood, sauce, wings, Mexican or marinade.

INGREDIENTS: Vine-ripened tomatoes, beer, onions, roasted Bell peppers, vinegar, tomato sauce, mango, carrot tomato paste, roasted garlic, Jalapeños, radishes, Cayenne, olive oil, sea salt, peppercorn, honey, assorted spice & liquid smoke.